FAAW Frugal Friday – Grocery Shopping With Food Allergies

Today’s Frugal Friday post is a little different than normal. Instead of offering a frugal tip, today I’m hoping to bring awareness of the costs of food allergies to NON-food allergic families.  Grocery shopping with food allergies is not for the faint of heart, you see.  Food allergy families are … Continue reading

FAAW: We Were Robbed

One thing that many non-food allergic families don’t often understand is the way food allergies restrict your life. It’s not something you consciously think about, but occasionally it hits you in the face just HOW much your life has been changed by the existence of food allergies. For FAAW, I … Continue reading

I Still Have FPIES Eyes

Long-time readers, you’re probably bored with this post by now, but because I have received such positive feedback on it, I’m re-posting it in honor of FAAW (Food Allergy Awareness Week). Just like I did last year.  Think of this as the “It’s A Wonderful Life” of my little food … Continue reading

Food Allergy Awareness Week 2014

My return to work last week was a huge adjustment for me and my family. Trying to balance Zac’s needs with our financial needs is a tricky tightrope to walk. One very positive thing came from returning to work, though: ADVOCACY. On any given day at work, I am placed … Continue reading

Guest Posting & Becoming the FBI

Last week was FAAW, as you all know. I had lots of things up on my blog for the occasion, and the internet was all abuzz with allergy awareness. It was glorious! We have a local website, NWA Motherlode, that is a great website with resources for Mom’s in my area, blogs, … Continue reading

The Incredible, In-edible CORN

FAAW is nearing its completion. I have seen some beautiful, amazing testimonies to the effects of food allergies on families, and learned some new food allergy facts and trivia (yes, no matter how far in the food allergy rabbit hole you’ve fallen, you still learn new things all the time!). … Continue reading

FAAW Video – See Zac in Action!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…how much is a video worth? This is my very first video making effort, and I’m sure anyone who knows anything about putting a video together will laugh at what I’ve done! But I don’t mind. This was fun to make, and … Continue reading

*WE* Have FPIES Eyes!

In honor of FAAW, I thought it a good idea to bring back one of my most popular posts: FPIES Eyes. After that post ran, Darrel came up with the image up above. As part of raising awareness (and, let’s be honest, funds for our family), we created a Zazzle … Continue reading

FAAW & The FPIES Foundation

Yesterday began this years FAAW (Food Allergy Awareness Week). Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) presents this week to spread the word about food allergies, to increase awareness and spearhead better medical treatment and general understanding about food allergies. The FPIES Foundation has made their theme for this year’s FAAW “Awareness … Continue reading