Vegan Sunbutter Ice Cream

The other day, out of nowhere, Jed announced he wanted Sunbutter Ice Cream. To my knowledge, he’s never even heard  of Sunbutter Ice Cream before, so where he got this latest desire from I have no idea! (Maybe he’ll take after his Mama and be creative in the kitchen.) After … Continue reading

Quinoa Cookie

Sometimes not doing things the way you normally do leads to unexpected rewards. Like these cookies! I’ve said before that one of my time-saving kitchen tips is to cook a big pot of quinoa to leave in the fridge. Then I can simply scoop out however much I need as the … Continue reading

Banana Goat Milk Ice Cream

Last year I shared about Banana Ice Cream. It truly is an awesome little treat, especially for the dairy intolerant/allergic! However, with the addition of goat milk in our diets, I was excited about making ‘real’ ice cream for my family. Only one problem: goat milk doesn’t have as much … Continue reading

Delicious Dairy/Egg/Gluten & Fructose-Free Chocolate Cake AND Frosting!

(Edited Post Notes: I know, I know – I said this was Vegan, originally! Obviously, it is clearly NOT a Vegan recipe once you read through it. What can I say? My tired Mommy brain thought writing “dairy, egg, gluten, and fructose-free” looked too cumbersome and made the decision that … Continue reading

Vegan Sunbutter Cups

There are tons of “peanut butter cup” recipes online, but most of them are chock full of dairy and sugar. Since neither of those is okay for our household, I decided to tweak and make Jed a safe butter cup to enjoy. It was worth it! This is the first … Continue reading

Carrot Popsicles – Mama Gets A Treat!

I’ve spent the last year devoted to making delicious, safe and nutritious food for my kiddos. Feeding myself is sort of an afterthought, even while on the TED. Most of my efforts on that front are simply making sure I get enough calories and that the food isn’t disgusting. Okay, … Continue reading

Crispy Butter Candy Bar

This week has been an emotionally difficult week for me, with these wretched anniversaries reminding me of our rough year. So I decided that I needed to lighten the mood and indulge in a little not unhealthy, but not really healthy treat making. After Jed’s sudden comprehension of what a … Continue reading

Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream with Homemade Magic Shell Topping

Once coconut milk was back on the menu, I dug out my old coconut recipes to see what I could do, and found our “favorite ice cream on earth recipe” made completely from coconut milk! This recipe is basically an internet staple; I’ve seen it in a million different places … Continue reading

Banana Ice Cream

I have something SO awesome to share with you, I can hardly stand it! I can take NO credit whatsoever for this delicious concoction. Most of my recipes are my own creations, or such a major overhaul of someone else’s idea that I can still claim it as my own. … Continue reading

We Give Our Two Year Old Coffee

On Thanksgiving, Mr. Charm snuck into the kitchen, pulled the trash can over to the counter, used it to climb onto the counter, opened the cabinet and grabbed the multi-vitamin gummy chews we used to give him, closed the cabinet, climbed down, and brought the bottle to me. What ensued … Continue reading