Practical Preserving: How to Make Cucumber Chips

Since yesterdays recipe used some dehydrated cucumber, I figured I may as well share how to make your own dehydrated cucumber chips. Like the dehydrated basil, this is ridiculously simple. Grab some cucumbers and slice them fairly evenly. Some people like to toss their cucumbers with some oil and seasonings. … Continue reading

Practical Preserving: How to Dehydrate Cauliflower

Freezing cauliflower is great, but if you either have limited freezer space or, like us, are trying to preserve an entire years worth of cauliflower in one fell swoop, you might just run out of room in the freezer for more cauliflower! That’s when it’s time to turn to my … Continue reading

How to Preserve Potatos for Long Term Use (Part One)

Last year my family ate over 600 pounds of potatos. Yes, grocery shopping is interesting when you’re on a TED! This year we hope to grow as many potatos as we can to save on our grocery bill, and when we do we will be faced with a unique challenge: … Continue reading

How to Dehydrate Beef Broth

It was gettin’ crazy in my freezer, y’all. In the 18 months I’ve been on the TED, I’ve eaten 4 cows worth of beef. That’s a lot of beef! It’s also a lot of beef BONES. Because I’m frugal, and because I can’t have any pre-made, store-bought broths, I’ve saved … Continue reading