Brown Thumb Gardener: Onions=1, Spider Mites=0, Gardener=-1

Along with hating leaving my kiddos, I dislike leaving my garden. I’ve grown rather fond of it, and really enjoy tending to it daily. When I got home Sunday night/Monday morning, I was too bushed to even consider going to see the garden – even if it hadn’t been night. … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – The Harvest Begins

Well. A lot has happened in two weeks. First, the good news: I’m finally beginning to harvest the fruits of my garden! It’s really exciting to head out to the garden and come back in with handfuls of goodies. Even better is watching Zac eat some of those goodies! Our … Continue reading

Cucumber-Basil Summer Salad

  This is a winner. Simple, classic, fresh, delicious. Remember when I said the farmers at the market gave me some cucumbers last time? Well, I didn’t really know what to do with them. Pre-FPIES, I was never a big veggie eater. If it wasn’t on a pizza or deep-fried, … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – June Update

It’s the end of the month, so just a quick update on gardening progress for June. Things are doing really well! Gardening is turning out to be very rewarding. The basil plants are certainly earning their keep. Here’s a photo from yesterday: I know they look a little wimpy, but … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – What A Difference A Week Makes

Last week I gave a progress report for May. Not a whole lot had happened since I planted everything, which was why I hadn’t updated throughout the month. I’d basically decided that a Monthly Update was how this series was going to go. What a difference a week makes! Apparently, … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – Progress Report for May

“Carrie, Carrie, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Quite well, thank you! Despite getting a somewhat late start, things are just popping up all over! The potatos are going nuts! They’re just about to the point where I need to add another board and top them off with some … Continue reading