Food, Food Everywhere, and Not A Bite To Eat

I hate corn. If every corn field in the world were to spontaneously go up in flames, I would abandon my TED and go out on a drinking and partying binge that would put my ’20’s to shame. I’ve written about corn before, but y’all, I don’t think even *I* … Continue reading

Kids: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Y’all, I really just can’t make this stuff up. So yesterday morning, Jed pitched a fit when I wanted to take off his overnight disposable diaper. Frankly, I get tired of fighting the whims of a toddler 24/7, so when it’s something that doesn’t matter all that much in the … Continue reading

A Fall Revitalization Part II – The Diet

So. On Monday I mentioned the Big Fall Revitalization Project our family is undertaking. We cleared out toys and are clearing out junk from the house to keep it safer and cleaner for Zac. We’re giving him some gut rest before trialing more foods, too. We’re getting desperate. There aren’t … Continue reading

Zac Probiotic Trial: Update IV

Well. I know you all sit anxiously by your computers, just waiting for my latest post to arrive every Monday through Friday, so I know I’ve been letting you down for the last two weeks with my sporadic posting. <grin> There’s a good reason for my late Zac probiotic update … Continue reading