Rolling Hills Traeger Ranch

When it came time to consider another meat trial for Zac, I admit to being at a bit of a loss. My awesome lamb guy only raises lambs. We’re pretty confident chicken (so probably turkey and other poultry) is a trigger, so we didn’t want to go there. Game meats … Continue reading

Organic Potato School – Responsive Company

Just after I posted about my unsuccessful Farmer’s Market excursion, I got a return phone call from one of the potato distributors my co-op uses. If you remember, the first one I called wasn’t terribly helpful. She said she “…guess(ed) I could contact my farmers and ask what applications they … Continue reading

Emptying the Bucket

  Well. Long time no write. Sorry. So, last Monday we were Zombies because Zac had spent a weekend teething horribly with no amber necklace and kept us awake. We put the necklace back on him and suddenly he was much better…and I then spent the next two nights completely … Continue reading

Homemade Stevia Extract

The weather this spring has been weird. We had unseasonably cold weather until May! Even though I hadn’t planned on putting in a garden this year, a couple weeks ago the whole clan was at the garden center buying plants and soil. It sort of felt like the late frosts … Continue reading

The Incredible, In-edible CORN

FAAW is nearing its completion. I have seen some beautiful, amazing testimonies to the effects of food allergies on families, and learned some new food allergy facts and trivia (yes, no matter how far in the food allergy rabbit hole you’ve fallen, you still learn new things all the time!). … Continue reading

Zac Probiotic Trial: Update IV

Well. I know you all sit anxiously by your computers, just waiting for my latest post to arrive every Monday through Friday, so I know I’ve been letting you down for the last two weeks with my sporadic posting. <grin> There’s a good reason for my late Zac probiotic update … Continue reading

Make Your Own Corn-Free Vanilla Extract

Back in November I wrote about whether vanilla extract was fructose-free or not.  In that post, I mentioned that I make my own vanilla. There are tons of tutorials on this on the internet, but since I had to start a new bottle I figured I’d show you how I … Continue reading