Na-na-na-na-na-na Let’s Go Bananas!

(Strangely enough, I miss The Fresh Beat Band on Netflix…) Before I begin today’s post I want to share that I’m home, and my fears about too-soon weaning are fading into the ether. As soon as Zac saw me, he started pulling at my shirt for boobie. He immediately nursed … Continue reading

Living With FPIES

By now you have probably read enough to know that living with FPIES is not always easy. There’s the constant worry, the high costs of food, the specialists appointments, the vomit, the diarrhea, the lethargy, the fear…but today’s post isn’t about any of that. No, today I just thought I’d … Continue reading

The Incredible, In-edible CORN

FAAW is nearing its completion. I have seen some beautiful, amazing testimonies to the effects of food allergies on families, and learned some new food allergy facts and trivia (yes, no matter how far in the food allergy rabbit hole you’ve fallen, you still learn new things all the time!). … Continue reading