Overnight Crockpot Oatmeal Banana Bake – Vegan & Gluten-Free

Do you know what the two most delicious words in the English language are? CROCKPOT BREAKFAST. Do you know why? It allows you to NOT use your brain first thing in the morning! I don’t know about you, but I am not  a morning lark by nature. Pre-FPIES and FructMal, … Continue reading

Vegan Sunbutter Cups

There are tons of “peanut butter cup” recipes online, but most of them are chock full of dairy and sugar. Since neither of those is okay for our household, I decided to tweak and make Jed a safe butter cup to enjoy. It was worth it! This is the first … Continue reading

Crispy Butter Candy Bar

This week has been an emotionally difficult week for me, with these wretched anniversaries reminding me of our rough year. So I decided that I needed to lighten the mood and indulge in a little not unhealthy, but not really healthy treat making. After Jed’s sudden comprehension of what a … Continue reading

Beat the Heat With Popsicles

I remember playing outside in the summertime as a kid. The sun would blaze overhead and the neighborhood kids would run until we couldn’t run any more. We made up fun games (like Pine Cone War) and turned a disturbing shade of brown from being in the sun all day. … Continue reading

Dairy and Fructose Free Chocolate Easter Bunnies

In February, I had a miserable time trying to make some Valentine’s Day chocolates for Jed.  The poor child has never had a chocolate bar in his life, and I was determined to make some for him!  I failed, but I vowed I would keep trying until I got it … Continue reading

The Great Candy Experiment

They say that Valentine’s Day is about Love.   <snort>  I disagree.  Valentine’s Day is about CHOCOLATE! Until I married the Geek, I rarely had a “beau” on Valentine’s Day.  Just my luck, I always either met a guy right after  the Big V, or my relationship ended right before  … Continue reading

Choco-holic Charmer

When Mr. Charm turned one, I made him a dairy and egg free chocolate smush/eat cake and some homemade chocolate ice cream. He wouldn’t eat any of it.  In fact, his face was straight up “UGH!” That winter, I found a dairy free hot cocoa recipe that tasted AMAZING. He … Continue reading