Vegan Cucumber-Cauliflower Soup

Once the stomach bug left, taking with it many of Zac’s safe foods (hopefully temporarily), I found myself trying to find a way to get him to eat cauliflower and cucumber. Despite wolfing them both down with gusto when we first introduced them in trials, he has since become rather … Continue reading

Cauliflower-Egg Tortilla

This has become one of Zac’s favorite recipes, and I’m pretty fond of it, as well! I never would have guessed that two simple ingredients could yield something so tasty, but it does. These are really yummy! Now, I’ve made theses several times now, always referring to different recipes online … Continue reading

Practical Preserving: How to Dehydrate Cauliflower

Freezing cauliflower is great, but if you either have limited freezer space or, like us, are trying to preserve an entire years worth of cauliflower in one fell swoop, you might just run out of room in the freezer for more cauliflower! That’s when it’s time to turn to my … Continue reading

Practical Preserving: How to Freeze Cauliflower

I was all set to share a tutorial on freezing cauliflower as a Frugal Friday post, when it dawned on me that it’s really not all that frugal an activity. Oh, it’s not terribly expensive, especially if you buy organic frozen produce, but it isn’t exactly going to save you … Continue reading

The Triple Birthday Party

Last Wednesday was my birthday, and I spent it flying home from work and doing another goat milk run once home. Then I passed out at 8:45pm. I know. I’m such a party animal! That day was also the first day of the apricot trial break. Zac has been having … Continue reading

Apricot Trial

Last Thursday I walked into the health food co-op and saw a gigantic display of Apricots. They had just gotten them in, and told me they should continue to receive them for the next couple of months. Apricots are on my short list of foods to trial next for Zac, … Continue reading

Cleaning Out the Farmer’s Market

Last week I went to work for two days. The kids, as usual, spent that time at my parent’s house. BOY do I have something to share about THAT couple of days! But that’s for tomorrow. For now, let’s focus on food trials.  We took our regular 3 day break from … Continue reading

Zac Is TWO

Saturday, my baby turned two.  TWO, Y’ALL! <sniff> I guess he’s not really a baby any more. <sniff sniff> Anyway… Last week I had to work, and while I was gone I left instructions with my Mom to continue putting the garlic oil in his ears. I’d only been gone … Continue reading

Vegan Cauliflower Cheddar “Cheese” – Fructose-Friendly!

Oh. My. Word. Y’all. I’m happy dancing in my kitchen right now. Ok, so you know how I shared that awesome recipe for vegan cheese that I’d found? The one made from coconut milk? I love that recipe. Sadly, we had to retire it, thanks to Jed’s Fructose Malabsorption. He … Continue reading

Vegan Southwest Queso

Cauliflower, oh cauliflower…why did it take me so long to fall in love with you? Sometimes in the kitchen, you discover something cool that is very useful – for one  recipe. Some kitchen discoveries, however, continue to excite you with the many ways they can be reinvented. Such is the … Continue reading