Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This year, as every year, we’re skipping Trick or Treating. One day, hopefully, my kiddos can participate in that cherished tradition, but for now it just doesn’t make sense. They can’t have any of the candy and we live in the boondocks. So, not never, just not yet. … Continue reading

Vegan Sunbutter Cups

There are tons of “peanut butter cup” recipes online, but most of them are chock full of dairy and sugar. Since neither of those is okay for our household, I decided to tweak and make Jed a safe butter cup to enjoy. It was worth it! This is the first … Continue reading

The Great Candy Experiment

They say that Valentine’s Day is about Love.   <snort>  I disagree.  Valentine’s Day is about CHOCOLATE! Until I married the Geek, I rarely had a “beau” on Valentine’s Day.  Just my luck, I always either met a guy right after  the Big V, or my relationship ended right before  … Continue reading