3 Years Old with 15 Safe Foods!

Zac turned 3 years old yesterday. For his birthday, he got his 15th safe food: baking soda. It doesn’t sound like much, but we are ecstatic! Baking soda doesn’t add much to his diet, really, but it makes everything he already has much better. Pancakes are fluffier, cookies are more real, … Continue reading

Wal-Mart (Almost) Ruined My Kids Birthday Party

Ready for a rant? For Frugal Friday I had this whole post planned on “lower your expectations” as a frugal tip. Instead, I’m just going to rant and rave about how Wal-Mart (may have, almost) ruined my kids birthday party, all because Darrel and I decided to lower our expectations … Continue reading

Zac Is TWO

Saturday, my baby turned two.  TWO, Y’ALL! <sniff> I guess he’s not really a baby any more. <sniff sniff> Anyway… Last week I had to work, and while I was gone I left instructions with my Mom to continue putting the garlic oil in his ears. I’d only been gone … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Boys!

Yesterday I told you about the boys double birthday party last weekend and how the cake sort of went wonky. But it wasn’t a horrible day, even without a big bash and an awesome cake! Jed was really excited by the candles on the cake… He didn’t get to blow … Continue reading

The Cake Mistake

Last Saturday we had a double Birthday Party for the boys! Thanks to my sheer awesomeness, I forgot to invite anyone until Thursday night. Yeah, I know. I rock. Consequently, it was a family affair with just my parents, the boys, Darrel and myself. That’s okay, though, because this is … Continue reading

Lamenting The Cake

When Jed turned one year old, we had a family celebration on his actual birthday and a party the following weekend. At the family celebration, we served homemade spaghetti and garlic bread, and Darrel’s mom brought a cake for everyone (except me and Jed) to eat. At the party Darrel … Continue reading