Super Woman Needs a Vacation

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll know where I’ve been the last two weeks. On vacation! Sort of.  June is pretty jam-packed for our family; my birthday, Jed’s birthday, Zac’s birthday, and Father’s Day all hit at once. We have a double birthday party for the boys in June … Continue reading

The Triple Birthday Party

Last Wednesday was my birthday, and I spent it flying home from work and doing another goat milk run once home. Then I passed out at 8:45pm. I know. I’m such a party animal! That day was also the first day of the apricot trial break. Zac has been having … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Boys!

Yesterday I told you about the boys double birthday party last weekend and how the cake sort of went wonky. But it wasn’t a horrible day, even without a big bash and an awesome cake! Jed was really excited by the candles on the cake… He didn’t get to blow … Continue reading