Practical Preserving: How to Dehydrate Basil

Every once in a while I have a thought or idea to share that I talk myself out of; it seems like such a simple, “everyone knows this” thing that I’m afraid it would be an insult to make into a whole post! But then I remember the comments I’ve … Continue reading

Cucumber-Basil Summer Salad

  This is a winner. Simple, classic, fresh, delicious. Remember when I said the farmers at the market gave me some cucumbers last time? Well, I didn’t really know what to do with them. Pre-FPIES, I was never a big veggie eater. If it wasn’t on a pizza or deep-fried, … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – June Update

It’s the end of the month, so just a quick update on gardening progress for June. Things are doing really well! Gardening is turning out to be very rewarding. The basil plants are certainly earning their keep. Here’s a photo from yesterday: I know they look a little wimpy, but … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – What A Difference A Week Makes

Last week I gave a progress report for May. Not a whole lot had happened since I planted everything, which was why I hadn’t updated throughout the month. I’d basically decided that a Monthly Update was how this series was going to go. What a difference a week makes! Apparently, … Continue reading