Baseline? What’s That?

This. Is getting. Ridiculous. Last month, we all got sick after our Chicago trip. Jed and Darrel bounced back quickly, but Zac and I had a harder time recovering. We had barely begun feeling better when, about three weeks ago, we all got the stomach bug. Seriously? Apparently, every Fall … Continue reading

To Quinoa, or Not to Quinoa…(of Buckets & Baseline)

Well, I think we might just be losing our minds. Or maybe it’s just a case of “desperate times calls for desperate measures”. In either case, Darrel and I had some intense discussions this weekend and have basically decided…”to hell with baseline” and “screw gut rest”. Baseline has been, thus … Continue reading

Mr. Happy’s First Month on My Elimination Diet

It’s been a whole month of nursing Mr. Happy on my elimination diet.  I’m torn between cautiously acknowledging success, and jumping up and down with ecstatic joy at the success.  (Sometimes pessimism creeps in and keeps me from getting my hopes up too high!) Seriously, though, he seems to be … Continue reading