Looking Back: 2015

I hope you all had a really excellent Christmas! It’s almost the end of 2015, and I figured it would be good to do a little “year end recap” and update. For starters, I’ve been rather quiet on the blog front lately, but that’s actually because I’ve been writing furiously … Continue reading

Summers Stories: Why My Son Wants Me to Throw Away All Our Bacon

Last Thursday I left for work again, arriving home on Monday morning. Have I mentioned lately that I am tired of going to work? It’s just exhausting. The good news is that February’s work schedule looks a lot better overall; it’s still a little grueling the first week of the … Continue reading

Pork Trial Update

Last week I missed sharing a lot of things, so here’s a little update on how the kiddos are doing. When I left off, we discovered I had inadvertently corned Zac with dishwashing soap. That put the pork trial back in full swing, albeit with some residual reaction symptoms. We … Continue reading

Frugal Fridays – Rationing Bacon

There are some things we all know to be true, even if they aren’t usually mentioned in public. Women get snarky at certain times of the month. Little boys don’t always hit the target in the bathroom. Men are almost always up for nookie. And medical bills for chronic illness … Continue reading