Global FPIES Day!

Global FPIES Day Zac

Today is an important day!

October 14, 2014 has been declared “Global FPIES Day”!

On this day, the FPIES community is rallying to spread awareness of FPIES to as many people as possible.

Because FPIES is so poorly understood, children often suffer – sometimes for years – before getting the proper diagnosis and treatment.

That has to stop.

The more people who know what FPIES is, the more likely parents of undiagnosed children will hear of it and find a light in the dark.

The more medical professionals who know what FPIES is, the more likely children will receive a timely diagnosis and avoid suffering for months and years.

My family has been living with FPIES for over two years now, and while living with this gets easier,  I can promise you it never gets easy.

Many of those who read my blog are part of my little FPIES community. But those beautiful readers who come here for the recipes or just because you’re inspired by our journey, know that you are beloved.

And today I’m asking for your help. 

Global FPIES Day is on the 14th. To help keep the date fresh in peoples minds, the initiative has focused on that “14” with lists of 14 ways kids can raise awareness, 14 ways families can raise awareness, etc.

The rest of this post has 14 links to things related to FPIES that will help raise awareness when shared.

Would you pretty please, with stevia on top, share these links on your Facebook, twitter, and other social media pages today?

If it isn’t asking too much, would you also consider saving the photo at the top of this post (of my cute little Zac in the Global FPIES Day frame) and using it as your profile pic on social media for a day?

Please share as much as possible today to make FPIES more visible in the world at large!

Be the voice of these precious little children!


Global FPIES Day

I Still Have FPIES Eyes

Blog: Bullfrogs and Butterflies

The FPIES Foundation: Inspiring Family Stories


Blog: FPIES & MudPies

Blog: Our Mack Attack

Blog: Our Lives and FPIES

Blog: Trials and Triumphs of Nicole

Blog: My Little Pie with FPIES


Our Superhero: Cohen’s Story (Super Cohen’s Crusade for FPIES)

Zac Walking in a Play Area

Jack’s Soy Reaction

Zac Having an FPIES Reaction

FPIES: Now I Know

Okay, I got a little carried away. There are actually 15 links there. Actually, there were even more out there I could have added! Compared to when my family started this journey a little over two years ago, there is an absolute wealth of information available online!

Please share what you can.

Share as much as you can.

Be downright ANNOYING to your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Let’s saturate Facebook today until every man, woman and child in the world has at least heard the term “FPIES” at least once in their lives. 

Let’s shine a light in the darkness!


What are you doing to celebrate Global FPIES Day?

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  1. Rae says:

    Been a while 😮 Hope y’all are doing all right..!

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