Global FPIES Day 2016

Recently we have decided that, other than oats, it appears Zac may have – finally – outgrown FPIES. Thank you, God! We are all thrilled with this. Of course, we have discovered other issues that take the place of FPIES, but are eternally grateful that only oats appear to make … Continue reading

Global FPIES Day 2015: Be the Voice

Today, October 14, 2015, is Global FPIES Day, with the theme of “Be the Voice”. Our family was lucky (if you can call it that). Zac’s second FPIES reaction at 7 weeks old was so severe, the hospital took us seriously and didn’t just try to tell us it was … Continue reading

What Every New FPIES Parent Should Know (On Our 3 Year Anniversary)

Three years ago, on August 1, 2012, while standing in the hallway of the doctors office, we received our FPIES diagnosis. Three years. It seems like an eternity and a blink simultaneously. In honor of this dubious anniversary, I’ve been re-reading the early posts I wrote about our journey. Remembering … Continue reading

FPIES Awareness (Still) Matters

Since the entire reason I started this blog is because my son, Zac, has FPIES, my next statement may come as a bit of a shock to you, dear readers. I’m kind of tired of talking about FPIES.  For almost a year, I’ve been less and less active on the … Continue reading

What Normal Moms Take For Granted

It’s Thursday. I don’t know if anyone has realized that ever since the summer ended, I’m at a loss for what to write about on Thursdays. Thursday meant another edition of the “Brown Thumb Gardener” series; now that summer has ended and I’m not doing any gardening, I’m sort of lost. Anyone … Continue reading

Global FPIES Day!

Today is an important day! October 14, 2014 has been declared “Global FPIES Day”! On this day, the FPIES community is rallying to spread awareness of FPIES to as many people as possible. Because FPIES is so poorly understood, children often suffer – sometimes for years – before getting the … Continue reading

What Do We Trial Next?

All FPIES parents eventually have to ask themselves the all-important question: What do we trial next? It’s an important, vexxing, terrifying question. Early on, Darrel and I came up with a list of foods we wanted to trial. We picked highly nutritious food to get the most bang for our … Continue reading

How to Keep A Food & Symptom Journal

More frequently than I’d like to see, new parents post on the FPIES message boards. It’s almost always the same basic introduction message: “My child was just diagnosed. I feel completely overwhelmed! What do I do now?!” Every single time, the first piece of advice given is to start a food and … Continue reading

Meeting Another FPIES Family (Talking about the Crazy in Real Life)

Over the last two years I’ve spent a lot of time on message boards for FPIES families. A LOT of time. As a result, there are many FPIES families I consider “friends”, even though we’ve never met in person and, to be honest, probably never will. One of those families, … Continue reading

FAAW Frugal Friday – Grocery Shopping With Food Allergies

Today’s Frugal Friday post is a little different than normal. Instead of offering a frugal tip, today I’m hoping to bring awareness of the costs of food allergies to NON-food allergic families.  Grocery shopping with food allergies is not for the faint of heart, you see.  Food allergy families are … Continue reading