False Positive?

Saturday Zac ate another ounce of pork at breakfast. Then he ate another ounce at dinner. Throughout the day he was happy, pleasant, playful, and perfect. He pooped a bit more than normal, and had hiccups for a few minutes in the afternoon, but that was it for anything remotely … Continue reading

13 Tips to Make Life Bearable When Your Whole Family is Sick

Is there anything more guaranteed to throw your household into disorder and disarray than a “traveling sickness”? You know the one I’m talking about. It starts with one kiddo, creeps over and attacks the others, and finally, just as the kiddos are starting to feel better, the parents succumb. From … Continue reading

A Letter to my Future Daughters-in-Law

My Dear Daughters, Recently my friends discussed how we all knew we were done having children. That conversation got me thinking, and I had to admit that while I would LOVE to have more children – many more, if given the choice – we are probably done with just our two … Continue reading

Easter Basket for My Allergic Kiddos

Jed is seriously allergic to eggs.  He’s also intolerant to dairy.  He also has issues with fructose – meaning most sweeteners are no good for him. Well, that just shoots Easter goodies right out of the water!  No hard-boiled, dyed Easter Eggs, no gigantic chocolate bunnies, no jelly beans or … Continue reading

Remembering…and Wondering

One day my children will ask me: “Mom?  Where were you on September 11th?”  This  might be the (long) version I tell them… I was a mere 19 years old when I hired on at my airline.  A scant 18 months later, I transferred to the Inflight Division.  I had … Continue reading

How Could an Accurate Diagnosis Still Be So Inaccurate?

Bright and early on Wednesday we had a follow-up appointment with the pediatric gastroenterologist.  This is the same doctor from the hospital; he apparently also has hours a few times a week in a town closer to us.  God Bless him!  When Mr. Charm needed a pediatric GI doctor, we … Continue reading