Getting Back on the (Food Trial) Horse

We have some good news: sweet potatos and cauliflower are still safe! Yay, Zac! They’re even still safe for me! Once again, I’m having to learn all about a new food issue…salicylates are throwing me for a loop. Remember when I ate the sweet potato and had an instant reaction? … Continue reading

What Normal Moms Take For Granted

It’s Thursday. I don’t know if anyone has realized that ever since the summer ended, I’m at a loss for what to write about on Thursdays. Thursday meant another edition of the “Brown Thumb Gardener” series; now that summer has ended and I’m not doing any gardening, I’m sort of lost. Anyone … Continue reading

Why Kids Are Prescribed Drugs

 My son Jed is four and a half years old. He’s bright, funny, charming, sweet, helpful, brave, and all around a very cool kid.  He also has Fructose Malabsorption and Salicylate Sensitivity (among other food issues).  Two Saturdays ago I made all sorts of yummy treats for him to take to a … Continue reading

Fall(ing Apart)

Last year I wrote about how fall always makes me feel like cleaning the house; like it’s time for a fresh start. Usually I do feel that way each fall. Not this year, though. Instead, this year I feel like I’m falling apart. Physically, we’ve dealt with being sick for … Continue reading

Flying High

Hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! I took the day off from blogging because I was working. That’s okay, though! Other than suddenly being required to be at work a little more than I’d like, my family and I are flying high! (At least, for the moment.) As … Continue reading