I Hate Food Intolerances

I’m going to say something that will probably really raise the hackles of Food Allergy Mama’s everywhere: in a straight comparison, I love food allergies and I hate food intolerances.  Of course I’d rather not deal with ANY of them, but let’s face it: allergies are easy in comparison. This … Continue reading

Juggling, Kickball & Goat Milk Trials

The concept of life being a juggling act is so well known it has become part of our vernacular. Why else would we say we “dropped the ball” on something? For the most part, I agree with the analogy. I do often feel like I have all my little “balls” … Continue reading

Histamine Intolerance Too?

Last week I was inspired to try something new for Zac. On one of the message boards, someone had mentioned making meringue and piping it into shapes for a safe Easter “cookie” for their FPIES kiddo, and that sounded intriguing to me. We don’t have sugar or vanilla as safe … Continue reading