Getting Back on the (Food Trial) Horse

We have some good news: sweet potatos and cauliflower are still safe! Yay, Zac! They’re even still safe for me! Once again, I’m having to learn all about a new food issue…salicylates are throwing me for a loop. Remember when I ate the sweet potato and had an instant reaction? … Continue reading

What Normal Moms Take For Granted

It’s Thursday. I don’t know if anyone has realized that ever since the summer ended, I’m at a loss for what to write about on Thursdays. Thursday meant another edition of the “Brown Thumb Gardener” series; now that summer has ended and I’m not doing any gardening, I’m sort of lost. Anyone … Continue reading

What We Learned From Our Date Night

As prayed for, last week was much better than the week before. Both kids stayed safely on their respective diets, and reactions faded slowly away. I worked for much of the time, which was exhausting (as usual), but everything plodded along quite well while I was gone. When I returned … Continue reading

God’s Providence

Yesterday’s recipe was a surprise to me. I wrote it and scheduled to post it last week – and forgot all about it! Just to give a little update, things are better. First, I want to thank you all for your concern, prayers, and insight. After the last post, I … Continue reading

I Don’t Know What To Do

It was another long night with Zac. At the end of yesterdays post I wrote about Zac’s sudden weird eye swelling late Sunday night/early Monday morning. So yesterday I spent a TON of hours on the phone with pharmacists and doctors. Both boys are now scheduled to see the allergist … Continue reading

What Do We Trial Next?

All FPIES parents eventually have to ask themselves the all-important question: What do we trial next? It’s an important, vexxing, terrifying question. Early on, Darrel and I came up with a list of foods we wanted to trial. We picked highly nutritious food to get the most bang for our … Continue reading

Flying High

Hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! I took the day off from blogging because I was working. That’s okay, though! Other than suddenly being required to be at work a little more than I’d like, my family and I are flying high! (At least, for the moment.) As … Continue reading

How to Keep A Food & Symptom Journal

More frequently than I’d like to see, new parents post on the FPIES message boards. It’s almost always the same basic introduction message: “My child was just diagnosed. I feel completely overwhelmed! What do I do now?!” Every single time, the first piece of advice given is to start a food and … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – Baby Purple Podded Pole Beans

When I got home from work, it was almost midnight on Sunday. Monday evening, I went out to say “hi” to my garden, and my purple podded pole beans looked beautiful! They finally had some little buds on them. Last night, while watering the garden, I looked at my beans … Continue reading

Apricot Trial

Last Thursday I walked into the health food co-op and saw a gigantic display of Apricots. They had just gotten them in, and told me they should continue to receive them for the next couple of months. Apricots are on my short list of foods to trial next for Zac, … Continue reading