Frugal Friday – Free Epi-pens

Earlier this month, when we learned Jed is still allergic to egg, we received a new prescription for Epi-pen, Jr.’s for him. In fact, I requested 3 packages of the Epi-pens: one for our house, one for my parents house, and one to stay in his Thomas the Train backpack … Continue reading

The Egg Trial Begins

Tuesday I picked up a dozen eggs from my parents. Yesterday morning I cooked the first egg that’s been cooked in our house in over a year. I was trying to make a custard-type egg dish for Zac, for a few reasons. For starters, it would be a relatively new … Continue reading

Still Allergic to Egg

Last week I took Jed to the allergist to be re-tested. In about ten days, we hope to start an egg trial for Zac’s FPIES, but we are understandably concerned about doing this since Jed is so terribly IgE allergic to eggs. It seemed prudent to get him re-tested to … Continue reading

My Child Is More Valuable Than Cake

Sigh. This a-gain? Didn’t we just DO this last year? Why yes, yes, we did. Renee Moilanen wrote about her discontent with her child’s school birthday party. And I wrote my rebuttal. (Along with about a zillion other Food Allergy Mama’s.) All those heightened emotions…all that energy expended…and lookiehere: just … Continue reading

Renee Moilanen’s “Dirty Laundry”

Sigh. Well, I hate to do it, but I’m going to have to share a link. I don’t want to send any more traffic to this horrible waste of the written word, but you won’t understand what I’m talking about it you haven’t read it. So, go read why Renee … Continue reading

Easter Basket for My Allergic Kiddos

Jed is seriously allergic to eggs.  He’s also intolerant to dairy.  He also has issues with fructose – meaning most sweeteners are no good for him. Well, that just shoots Easter goodies right out of the water!  No hard-boiled, dyed Easter Eggs, no gigantic chocolate bunnies, no jelly beans or … Continue reading

Tips on Traveling With Toddlers With Food Allergies – Updated!

I decided to put my previous post about traveling with food allergies and kids to the ultimate test: I invited fellow travel experts, my Flight Attendant co-workers, to read it and add their two cents. Based on their input, I made a few additions to my new, improved list of Tips … Continue reading