Why We Decided to Homeschool Part IV: The Little (Big) Things

Beyond concerns about the education system, socialization of our children, and food safety, there are a few other, little (and not so little) things that answer the question of why to homeschool. This post wraps up the series by addressing those little (big) things. First, a logistical issue. We live … Continue reading

Why We Decided to Homeschool Part III: Food Issues

I wish food issues played no part in our decision to homeschool. I wish food issues were a non-issue in a multitude of places, but sadly, that is not so. When you have children with food allergies, considering their safety when outside of your care is a matter of life … Continue reading

Why We Decided to Homeschool Part II: Socialization

One of the most common concerns I’ve heard people express about Homeschooling is this: What about socialization? Originally, I shared that concern. How on earth were my kids going to learn how to get along with their peers without being in a public school? Then I thought about it a bit … Continue reading

Why We Decided to Homeschool Part I: Concerns About Public Schools

This is the first post in the series “Why We Decided to Homeschool”. Since this was a joint decision, I asked Darrel to share his thoughts – especially about our first issue. Without further ado, and for his first appearance on my blog, here is what my husband has to say … Continue reading

Letting Your Kids Quit (And a New Series on Homeschooling)

It’s official. Darrel and I have decided to homeschool our sons. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it as a distinct possibility before, but now we have made the call and bought curriculum for Jed’s Kindergarten year. In some circles, homeschooling is perfectly normal and acceptable. For others, though, it’s still considered … Continue reading