Controlling the Meanies

It’s been a long couple of weeks. We’ve been busily trying to get the homeschool classroom put together, since Jed has announced that he can only go to school IN a classroom. (Love opinionated kiddos!) Really our classroom is just half of our office cleaned out and dedicated to school … Continue reading

Blueberry Picking With Preschoolers

A few weeks ago, I went blueberry picking with my preschoolers. We had to find some organic, fresh blueberries for Zac’s planned blueberry trial, and since I couldn’t find organic blueberries last year at the Farmer’s Market, pick your own seemed the solution! Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it would … Continue reading

Super Woman Needs a Vacation

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll know where I’ve been the last two weeks. On vacation! Sort of.  June is pretty jam-packed for our family; my birthday, Jed’s birthday, Zac’s birthday, and Father’s Day all hit at once. We have a double birthday party for the boys in June … Continue reading

3 Years Old with 15 Safe Foods!

Zac turned 3 years old yesterday. For his birthday, he got his 15th safe food: baking soda. It doesn’t sound like much, but we are ecstatic! Baking soda doesn’t add much to his diet, really, but it makes everything he already has much better. Pancakes are fluffier, cookies are more real, … Continue reading

A Little Lift

Nine days ago we started a baking soda trial for Zac. It’s the easiest food trial we have had, in regards to “how will we get him to eat it”. Simple! Just add 1 tsp. to every baked recipe he’s got! Let me tell you, baking soda is just magic. … Continue reading

Remember Those Wedding Vows?

If you’re married (and traditional), you probably remember standing in front of the minister, staring lovingly into your future spouses eyes, and glibly, naively, repeating those beautiful words: …in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, til death do us part. I … Continue reading

When Band-aids and Bell Peppers Attack!

Well. That had to be the absolute weirdest sickness I’ve ever had. After I said I was definitely getting sick, I went to bed feeling like total dirt. When I woke up, I still felt like dirt…but the fever had broken! I spent the morning absolutely wanting to crawl into … Continue reading

After the Oats

Last Thursday, Zac had an FPIES reaction to oats. We were understandably sad and upset. More than that, though, this was the most severe acute reaction he’s had since his hospitalization at 7 weeks old; we were quite edgy about how his little body would cope with such profuse vomiting. … Continue reading

Outgrow FPIES at 3? Yeah, Right!

Sorry it’s been a week since I wrote. Believe it or not, the lost bag saga has continued through this time, and I haven’t had the time or the energy to write about it. I’ve been too frustrated and crying too much just living it; recapping it was more than … Continue reading

Summers Stories: Fun With Kids

Being gone for a few weeks means a LOT has gone on in our lives that I haven’t shared. Let me start, though, by updating about the kiddos doctor appointment yesterday. Sure enough, the doctor found signs of ear infections in both boys. However, either the virus had just run … Continue reading