Super Woman Needs a Vacation

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll know where I’ve been the last two weeks. On vacation! Sort of.  June is pretty jam-packed for our family; my birthday, Jed’s birthday, Zac’s birthday, and Father’s Day all hit at once. We have a double birthday party for the boys in June … Continue reading

A Little Lift

Nine days ago we started a baking soda trial for Zac. It’s the easiest food trial we have had, in regards to “how will we get him to eat it”. Simple! Just add 1 tsp. to every baked recipe he’s got! Let me tell you, baking soda is just magic. … Continue reading

Open Letter to the Thief at American Airlines

Hello Mr. or Ms. Sticky Fingers, Back on April 3, 2015, I flew home on your airline. When I landed, one of my bags was missing. I don’t know if that was something you did, or if another of your co-workers was just incompetent. Either way, I was heartbroken. See, … Continue reading

Tips for Managing Full Time Work as a Food Allergy/FPIES Mama

One year ago this month I went back to work full time. Prior to that, I was essentially a full-time SAHM. With two years as a SAHM and one year as a working Mama, I can now see how each situation changes my parenting in general, and how each influences my ability … Continue reading

An Alaska Getaway

Even beyond recent events, it’s fair to say that things have been a little rough in our family for a while. This winter was just one long sickness after another, we had to retrial almost all of Zac’s safe foods after a vicious stomach bug, have had several FPIES reactions, … Continue reading

When Band-aids and Bell Peppers Attack!

Well. That had to be the absolute weirdest sickness I’ve ever had. After I said I was definitely getting sick, I went to bed feeling like total dirt. When I woke up, I still felt like dirt…but the fever had broken! I spent the morning absolutely wanting to crawl into … Continue reading

The Lost Bag Saga…it Gets Worse!

Now that I’ve finished reporting about Zac’s FPIES reaction, I’m going to conclude the Lost Bag Saga. I’m sorry it’s so long, but I want to finish this story (both in writing it and living it) so I can move on. (Read the whole story here, here and here.) As of Tuesday two … Continue reading

American Airlines Lost My Valet Checked Bag – Part 3

Read the first parts of this story here and here. I didn’t know what to do. The last thing I wanted was to miss my sons first ever tee-ball game. But…I really need my bag back. If there was a chance, however slim, I might find answers to its whereabouts … Continue reading

American Airlines Lost My Valet Checked Bag – Part 2

Read the first part of this story here. So there I am, standing in baggage claim in Chicago, crying. Not my proudest moment. A Chicago Police officer walked by and asked if I was okay. The whole story came tumbling out through my tears. He’s a credit to his uniform; … Continue reading

American Airlines Lost My Valet Checked Bag – Part 1

Friday, April 3rd, I flew on American Eagle from Chicago to Arkansas. I valet checked two of my bags. Just to clarify, when traveling by air, these are the baggage options: Carry on Check at the ticket counter (for arrival at final destination) Gate check (which means you carry your … Continue reading