Apparently Teething Makes FPIES Kids Sick

…at least, when their Mama doesn’t pay enough attention to what they are teething on!

As a modern, good mother, I made sure to get lots of solid wood toys for my boys to play with.  Like Jed’s Thomas Trains, and the entire wooden layout.

Zac has been delivering tiny, little bitty flecks of green and red in his diapers for the last month, and we had no idea what they were from.  He’s also been having mild to medium FPIES reactions for the last month, but we never connected the two.  There were always things that explained his bigger reactions that made sense.  (Kitty litter, stickers, sausage and paper, for example!)

But I’m starting to wonder if those lovely red and green flecks might not be making it harder for him to bounce back from his reactions, now that I finally figured out where they are coming from:

Train layout accessories

Train layout accessories

Do you see what I see?

A close up of the teeth marks and missing PAINT

A close up of the teeth marks and missing PAINT

I’ll bet you money that these toys were painted with non-toxic paints; which, as we all know, means SOY and/or CORN.

Both of which are suspected triggers for Zac!

So, all the wooden painted toys like this are hidden away now, except, of course, for the trains themselves.  I think Jed would suffer a nervous breakdown if we took away his Thomas trains…and he does a pretty good job of keeping those away from his brother anyway (“No! Mine!” is a common refrain from the living room).

Maybe, just maybe we’ll finally get some diapers that DON’T test positive for blood, and we can finally start him on the probiotics.

I’m trying really hard not to beat myself up over this; how long will it take before I can spot the danger from a mile away, instead of up close in my rear-view mirror?

But why, oh WHY does Zac insist on ONLY teething on things that will make him sick?  Why aren’t the gel cooler teethers satisfactory?  Ugh…

Anyone else have a “head slap” moment over wooden toys? 

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2 Responses to Apparently Teething Makes FPIES Kids Sick

  1. Oh man, I would never have put that together either!!! Little man did the same thing when he was teething, I don’t feel good about all of the pain that he ate! Luckily his triggers do not include corn and soy so we didn’t reactions. Sorry Mama, but don’t beat yourself up!

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